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Software is often designed and developed for specific uses ─ to transfer data, complete analysis, or allow for graphic manipulation, for example. In the early days of digital, some IT companies would roll these features into a single suite of tools for larger enterprises. However, these suites are often overpriced and contain more tools and features than most businesses need.

Modern businesses know that the best way to get all the functionality that you need and none of that you don’t is to combine specialist pieces of software into a custom suite of tools that work seamlessly together.

This is primarily achieved through application programming interfaces (APIs). These small pieces of code allow for different software applications to be linked together so they can ‘talk’ to one another in a language they both understand. Linking software together like this allows for the secure and automatic transfer of data from one application to another, provide automatic authentication, and perform joint operations.


Done correctly, APIs can be transformative to your business, allowing you to seamless chain applications and automate a lot of tasks, getting information quickly and reliably. Done poorly, APIs fail to talk to one another, causing disruption in what should be an automated process and causing more problems than they solve.

Thread’s team of technology experts work to understand your fundamental needs and apply agile and design thinking to iteratively solve challenges before they arise. In this way, we can develop custom APIs to link together a tailored software environment seamlessly.

API development from Thread also helps to futureproof your applications, ensuring that new versions or a change in IT infrastructure won’t break your APIs.

Get in touch today to find out how Thread can help develop APIs for your business IT infrastructure.

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