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API Integration
An Application Program Interface (API) allows two or more separate applications to ‘talk’ to one another. Our engineers can ensure that APIs seamlessly integrate two or more applications to allow for automatic data transfer, authorisation, or perform a joint function.


Asset tracking (RFID & Barcode)
Every asset or connected device is both an investment and a potential security flaw. Tools such as RFID and barcode scanning allow you to track and monitor assets to help prevent loss, reduce downtime and make auditing easy and error-free.


Businesses everywhere are finding novel uses for Blockchain, the internet’s indelible ledger. Our software engineers can incorporate Blockchain into a wide range of projects, deploying things like smart contracts and banking solutions while improving security and traceability.


Coud solutions.png
The Cloud has become a key part of many businesses’ IT infrastructure, improving ease-of-access through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), uptime through Cloud hosting, as well as enhanced application management and security.


Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has never been more accessible. Almost any business, of any size, in any vertical can now benefit from AI software solutions integrated into their business intelligence, robotic automation, document and voice recognition, or IT security. 


Whatever your design project, Autodesk can help bring it to life. Our Autodesk designers and software engineers can deliver solutions for any project, from initial drawings and designs, through to final models, renders and file conversions.


Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business intelligence.png
Speed up business decisions and improve data quality by automating your Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics. Our expert developers can create BI solutions for market forecasting, trend analysis and operations optimisation.


cms icon.png
For any modern business, a Content Management System (CMS) forms the backbone of your digital presence. Our software engineers can develop custom CMS solutions that can effortlessly integrate with other software, add new tools and features, as well as improve security.


Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 13.28.15.png
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the beating heart of your sales efforts. Our software engineers can create a CRM solution perfectly tailored to your needs, effortlessly supporting sales and marketing while integrating new tools and plugins. We can also help migrate your CRM safely over to a new platform.


Digital Asset Management
Almost every business has some form of digital assets. Digital Asset Management (DAM) makes it easy to manage the production and secure distribution of digital assets, as well as managing branding and business archival.


Document Management
document management
Paperless offices are great but storing and managing digital documents can be difficult. Our software engineers can develop solutions to securely store and share documents, keep track of versioning, and manage user privileges.


Field Service Management
Servicing clients on-site can now be done far more quickly and effectively by integrating new technology such as GPS, digital photography, Cloud-based document storage, instant communication, scheduling, inventory/asset management, and so on. Our software engineers develop custom Field Service Management solutions to support your business.


Fraud protection
Fraud protection
New technologies have opened new opportunities for fraud. Our engineers develop software solutions to help minimise fraud, whether for a small local business or a multinational enterprise. Stay compliant with the latest regulations and minimise loss with our fraud protection software.


IT Service Management
IT Management .png
Managing your IT infrastructure is a difficult task. Our software engineers make it simple by developing automated monitoring and problem-resolution software, helpline ticket tracking, predictive maintenance software, customer service requests, and even your BYOD policy implementation. 


middleware icon
Middleware connects and integrates disparate applications allowing for the instant, automated and seamless transfer of data. Our engineers develop software that allows these applications to talk to one another, removing the need for laborious and time-consuming data entry.


Open source
Open-source software benefits from community development and testing ─ as well as being free. Yet, these off-the-rack software solutions often require tailoring to work effectively for your business. Our software engineers can customise open-source software and help manage the distribution and deployment across your network.


Database Management 
In a world where data is king, effective database development and management is essential. Our engineers use an agile approach to iteratively develop database solutions that perfectly support your business, customers, and data analytics.


Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) is the third party offering of artificial intelligence (AI) outsourcing. AI as a service allows individuals and companies to experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investment and with lower risk.


ERP (Enterprise resource planning)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is essential to maximising productivity and efficiency. Yet, ERP is only as good as the software and the data. Our engineers can develop custom ERP software or integrate market leaders, tailoring a solution that meets the needs of your business and ensuring data integrity.


Firmware is the discrete software embedded into individual products, whether connected IoT devices, avionics, medical equipment, or even automated robotics. Our expert Firmware developers can create custom end-to-end solutions, help manage updates, and versioning.


Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 14.52.21.png
Modernising your business IT infrastructure is essential yet fraught with complications. Our experts can help by auditing your current infrastructure, identifying technology to update, and managing a seamless migration to new solutions.


Location-based services
Location based software solutions
With GPS integrated into every smart device, businesses can utilise location-based services (LBS) for a range of applications, including: social media, navigation and points of interest, proximity-based marketing, geofenced services, and asset tracking, to name just a few. Speak to our experts to find out how LBS can work for your business.


Mobile and tablet
mobile and tablet
Our engineers utilise a range of SDKs, software architecture, and programming languages to develop apps native to Android, iOS, and Windows devices, or cross-compatible apps using technology such as HTML5, JavaScript and web services.


POS / Payment Processing
Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 15.25.24.png
Even small improvements to your Point of Sale (POS) and payment processing can quickly add up. Our team of expert engineers can develop a custom POS software solution for your business, increasing efficiency while providing new possibilities.


Sales Enablment
sales enablement software
A new approach to sales is being powered by new technology that helps businesses align with their potential clients. Track updates to client businesses, keep note of personal information, nurture leads for a soft sale...sales enablement software tailored to the needs of your business will improve every aspect of your sales process.


Sales Management
Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 15.44.11.png
Sales strategy is hard to implement without visibility or tracking. Our expert team develops software solutions to manage sales workflows, provide inside sales systems and applications, offer enhanced analytics and tracking, as well as integrating with tools like Salesforce.


UI/UX development
Whether you need a mobile, web or desktop application, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are the keys to success. We use an agile approach with continuous product testing, benchmarking and design thinking to create beautiful, functional applications.


Salesforce intigration
Salesforce is a powerful sales CRM tool that can be customised for any business. Our Certified Salesforce Developers will work with you to integrate all the tools and features you need, customise Salesforce to your requirements, and assist with the seamless migration to your new platform.


Telephony software
Communication is the lifeblood of any business. The latest telephony technology makes communication faster, easier and multi-platform. Our software solutions deliver SMS and MMS to customers, analyse speech, and enable the latest computer telephony integration (CTI).


Web development
New websites and enterprise applications all require a blend of strategic insight along with creative and technical know-how. The wide range of expertise across the Thread Group allows us to excel in these areas, creating elegant, intuitive web-based projects.


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