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Every business of every size relies on some form of computer software. Whether it’s your POS system, customer database, or website ─ software solutions are essential for keeping the business running.

Yet, with all off-the-shelf software, there is always some friction. Features and functions that are superfluous for your business, processes that have unnecessary steps, and tools that would be useful but aren’t included. As a result, staff find workarounds that can lead to errors, system failures, and security flaws.

With custom software development, you are in control of your software. You get all the tools, features and functions you need, and none that you don’t. Software is tailored to your processes and your industry, seamlessly connected to the rest of your IT infrastructure, and is intuitive for staff to use.


At Thread Technology, we don’t just build from a set of requirements, we get under the skin of your business to find out what your staff truly need, what your customers really want, and what would benefit your business today and into the future. We find and fix issues you didn’t know you had.

A large percentage of IT projects fail precisely because developers work to a brief rather than gaining a true understanding of the business, your processes, and human behaviour. Our team can then use their technical expertise and creative design thinking to design and develop a revolutionary solution, not just a temporary stop-gap.

We also work with an agile approach, iteratively designing, developing and testing our custom software with your team to ensure it is perfectly tailored to your evolving needs.

Find out more about our custom software development services ─ arrange a consultation today.

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