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Disaster can strike any business at any time without warning. A freak flood, fire, or even terrorist incident can damage and disrupt essential IT services, leading to loss of revenue. Even 1% downtime can translate into potentially thousands if not millions in lost revenue.

Unfortunately, a large number of businesses fail after experiencing a serious disaster. Either the disruption caused so much lost income that they couldn’t recover, customers lost trust in the business due to a data breach, or the recovery took too long and too much investment to ever be competitive again.

Disaster recovery is your insurance against these catastrophes. Your data, software, and services are regularly backed up at one of our data centres and can be rapidly restored in the event of a disaster. Data centres are highly-secure and protected against fire, flood, explosions, power loss, and even magnetic interference.


Security of your data is also paramount. We work to protect your systems and data from cyber-attacks through industry-leading SSL/AES encryptions, change detection, multithreaded transport, and data compression functionality, as well as by regularly scanning for vulnerabilities. Our backup systems are also fully compliant with various industry-specific standards, including healthcare (HIPAA), defence (ITAR), and finance (SOX). 

We can also help design and develop local backup solutions to help in the event of a localised disaster or data loss. This allows you to get back up-and-running quickly as well as protect you from the occasional mishap.

Our highly-experienced team is also on-hand to assist with embedding good practice into your staff processes and to help if the worst should happen, keeping everyone calm and informed while the recovery process takes place. 

Gain peace-of-mind today with our SLA-guaranteed disaster recovery service. Get in touch to arrange a consultation today.

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