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Enterprise IT infrastructure is like an ecosystem, where everything must work in harmonious balance with everything else to deliver on your businesses needs and expectations. When your IT infrastructure is aligned, everything works seamlessly together with no gaps or compatibility issues.

Your enterprise network has the capacity to send and receive all the data you require, the software is compatible and connected via APIs or middleware, and users do not need to find their own IT solutions because everything needed is provided. When IT infrastructure is misaligned it can cause huge delays, bottlenecks and security flaws as staff try to work around the issues.

Achieving perfect alignment and balance, however, is much harder than it seems. First you need a complete overview of your existing IT infrastructure and legacy systems, then you need an understanding of what you want to achieve before, finally, creating a strategy and deciding on the best software/hardware/networking combination to achieve the right result.


At Thread Technology, we use design thinking as the basis for our strategy. This means finding out not only which software your staff use but why. By understanding what goals the business is striving to achieve, what processes and technology staff are using to achieve those goals, and the potential pain points both today and into the future, we can develop a clear IT infrastructure support strategy that goes beyond the brief and solves problems you didn’t even know you had.

We then use an iterative development principle known as Agile to create perfectly aligned IT infrastructure for businesses of any size, from SME to multinational enterprise, over two-week sprints, getting feedback between sprints.

The result is a perfectly aligned and balanced IT infrastructure that is tailored to your needs. We also offer an end-to-end service, ensuring your new IT infrastructure is deployed and legacy systems are migrated smoothly, APIs and middleware are allowing software to communicate, and your enterprise networking is up-to-speed.

If your enterprise IT infrastructure could use some support, get in touch with Thread Technology today.



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