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When your business relies on enterprise applications to make money, it is essential that they continue working effectively. When they aren’t performing at their best, customers may not be able to make purchases, staff may not be able to complete tasks, and your organisation will face total chaos.

As with all things, enterprise applications require regular maintenance and servicing to get them running optimally. Thread Technology offers a number of service tiers to offer your business the perfect level of support. Our expert team can run application and system audits, provide IT infrastructure support, fix common issues, and help administer your servers either via an on-demand troubleshooting helpdesk or proactive management.

Our application maintenance support includes popular ERP, CRM, and CMS apps, as well as internal systems built on Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), web apps, and mobile apps. 


Our expert team works to audit and identify application issues and quickly find fixes to improve performance, user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI), enhance Business Process Management (BPM), ensure effortless compliance, and keep integrated web services running smoothly.

We can also help ensure applications are modernised to improve performance through application re-engineering and code refactoring. This updates legacy applications and eliminates redundancies while ensuring the application continues to function seamlessly. 

The result of all this work is an IT infrastructure that continues to work efficiently and effectively, maintaining compliance and security measures, and delivers consistently high performance to maximise your productivity.

Our team can then monitor your application on an ongoing, proactive basis to ensure that every app is performing at its best, making improvement suggestions and applying hotfixes where necessary. All this is protected by our strict Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Make sure your enterprise, web and mobile applications are running optimally ─ get in touch with Thread Technology today.


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